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COVID-19 Safety Measures

Info: Skin Type vs Condition

Tips & Tricks: Clear Skin Foods List

Featured Product/Service: Glycolic Retinol Pads

Hello... June?!

June marks the half-way point of the year. Where has the time gone?!

With so much uncertainty and unrest in the planet, I’d like to remind you that Beauty Booth AZ is a special space for you to slow down, relax and regroup. A space filled with positivity, respect, and rest. Come escape, even if just for an hour, the non-stop digital media, the heightened emotions filling the streets, and the fear surrounding cleanliness. Read on to see how we are doing our part for you, and also, some lighthearted skin tips to raise your spirits.

Love you ALL~

Laura Russell

safety first sign

How we are keeping you safe

safety first sign

Now that the Governor has given the go-ahead for salon services, I’ll let you know what I’ve been busy doing to prepare for our reunion!

I have been stocking up on supplies, getting educated, and making plans on how to BEST serve you safely. I feel good. I feel prepared. That doesn’t mean I know it all, so we will probably need to adjust things as we go. As for now, here’s how we can navigate these first few weeks together:


  • Increased time between clients for proper sanitation and distancing measures
  • No blankets and revised linens on treatment bed
  • Sending out standard COVID questionnaire
  • I will wear a mask during your appointment


  • Please bring your own face covering to wear during appointment (if you do not have one, one will be provided for a fee)
  • Please answer questionnaire honestly each time
  • If you run cold, you may want a sweater (remember, no blankets on the bed)

But wait... There's more!!

We have invested in 2 air purifiers that state they purify for viruses as well as the standard dust, bacteria, etc. I have also re-certified for NEW sanitation measures specific to COVID-19 and feel that as we learn more together, we can maintain a beautiful partnership while keeping EVERONE as safe as possible.

I hope you already know this, but I’m going to say it just in case:¬†These measures are by no means directed at any individual person. These have been mandated to my industry by the local government and the CDC. It isn’t just about you and me. It’s about the circle of people we also come in contact with. Some of THOSE people may be health compromised and I do this not only to be in compliance, but to be mindful of ALL the people we love.

Skin Type vs Skin Condition

Skin type is what we are born with. Skin conditions change over time, circumstances and seasons. As a general rule, we use products designed for our skin type. But sometimes we need to first treat the skin conditions that may be getting in our way. When conditions compromise our skin, the whole system can get out of whack. Then, products “normally” designed for our skin type don’t function like they should. That’s usually when we go crazy and waste money buying all kinds of gadgets, products, and systems…

Stop the cycle. Ask us today what your skin type is, and together we can treat your conditions with products perfectly matched to YOU and your skin’s needs.

skin type vs condition

10 Foods Scientifically Proven to Clear Up Your Skin

If you’re looking for clearer, more radiant skin, check out this list and see if your food choices are helping your goals.

  • Probiotics
  • Non-Dairy Milk
  • Low-Glycemic Index Foods
  • Eggs
  • Berries
  • Leafy Greens
  • Turmeric
  • Citrus
  • Green Tea
  • Fish
glycolic retinol pads

Glycolic and Retinol Pads

Glycolic/Retinol Pads are designed to gently and progressively renew the skin to provide brightening, clarifying, and restoring benefits to all skin types in need of perfecting.

Breaks up dead surface cells to reveal fresh, healthy skin
Releases trapped oil
Refines pores
Helps exfoliate after waxing to prevent ingrown hairs
Lightens scars left from blemishes
Brightens the appearance of pigmentation/sun spots
Lessens future breakouts
Assists in anti-wrinkle actions

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