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Dry VS Dehydrated

Hydration Tips

Vitamin C/ Green Tea Serum & Ultrasonic Infusion

Is the summer heat getting to you yet? Whether you are in the desert like us, or in a more moderate climate, it is important to Hydrate & Protect your precious skin. We’ve got the solutions to get you through it! Read on for tips on staying quenched, how to know if your skin is Dry or Dehydrated, as well as some fun treatment info.

Dry Skin VS Dehydrated Skin

  • Dry skin is a Skin Type
  • Lacks natural oils
  • Can be scaly, white flakes
  • Prone to redness and irritation
  • Usually very small pores
  • Emollient creams work wonders
  • Dehydrated skin is a Skin Condition
  • Lacks water
  • Can be tight and itchy
  • Dull looking
  • Fine lines are more noticeable
  • Light water based moisture is best

Hydration Tips

  • Keep a water bottle handy. If you have trouble remembering to drink as much water as you should, having a bottle near you will help keep it at the top of your priorities list.
  • Don’t wait until you are thirsty. By the time you actually feel thirsty, you’ve probably already lost a significant amount of water. For this reason, it’s important to drink small sips regularly throughout the day.
  • Make your water exciting! Try adding herbs and fresh fruit, or citrus and berries to your water to boost the flavor. (Mix & match! How about watermelon, mint, and cucumber water. YUM!)
  • Water alternatives. Drinks like coconut water and skim milk are also good hydrators. Some claim skim milk hydrates better than Gatorade, while coconut water is an isotonic liquid, and packed with a variety of good-for-you vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin C / Green Tea Serum​

  • Restores and revitalizes the skin with antioxidants and peptides
  • Nourishes and supplements the skin with moisture and vitamins for ultimate results
  • Lessens the appearance of wrinkles
  • Brightens and tones the tissue
  • Antioxidant


  • Apply in the morning after toning. Apply moisturizer on top.You can mix the Vitamin C Green Tea Serum with the Ageless Skin Hydrating Serum and apply it as one step. Use within 2 – 3 months after opening as natural Vitamin C can oxidize


  • All skin types in need of protection and anti-aging care


  • This anti-aging serum revitalizes the skin with antioxidants and peptides which protect against free radical damage, lessens the appearance of wrinkles, brightens, tones and encourages fibroblast activity.

Ultrasonic Infusion uses gentle waves of energy to push products deeper into the skin. Excellent for penetrating serums and hydration, thus increasing their effectiveness. Click button to learn more.

If you have friends, family, or coworkers in need of some skin care TLC, please share this post. I promise to take good care of your referrals.

Stay hydrated my friends,

Laura Russell
Owner, Licensed Esthetician


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