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Spring Greetings~

Heat is rising here in Phoenix and we are gobbling up all the outside time we can!

Lunches on patios, morning walks, hiking, and any other socially-distant activities we can think of keep our bodies busy as we start to emerge from our quarantine lifestyles.

In doing so, many have realized just how out-of-routine we fell!
Worry not, we’ve got some great tips to help you Spring* back into your routine with ease… well, your skincare routine at least!
The rest might take a little work at the gym. (Or just buy bigger pants!)

Have some fun with it. And as always, keep it safe out there… meaning wear your SPF, of course!

Did we put on SPF?
Back To Basics: Daily Skincare

Consider this:
You wouldn’t go to the dentist every 6 months- and then NOT brush in between, right? Yuck!

The same principle applies to a facial. What you do in your everyday routine plays a HUGE part in your overall skin health.

A facial is a fantastic way to jump-start, maintain, or boost your progress. We can help you identify your goals, create a plan that works for your lifestyle, target specific concerns more deeply than you can at home, and give you an opportunity to RELAX while doing it. (Take THAT, cardio!!) 

benefits of facial
Spring Cleaning

The saying “Spring Cleaning” is a great reminder to clear out the old, and welcome in the new. Why not start with ourselves and our self-care?

Take an inventory of things from this past year that have not served you well and make a plan to purge, change, and/or reinvent them.

Example: I got lazy about my skincare and will probably have to go back into public soon but my skin is a mess. (Yes, I really heard this one – lol)

Purge: Lay out ALL your products and TOSS expired items first. YES, really! (Don’t pretend we don’t ALL have stuff from 2006 still lingering in the cabinet.)
Change: Change your mind about WHY you want to create a sustainable routine. (Because you deserve it!)
Reinvent: If it wasn’t working for you before, what was the reason? We are here to help you create a program specific to your needs, budget, time, and desires.

Make room in your life for the GOOD things you deserve. Living in confident skin should be one of them.

AM = Strengthen and Protect (think Vitamin C & SPF)
PM = Hydrate and Correct (think Retinols & Eye Cream)

Raspberry Refining Scrub

Raspberry Refining Scrub

Raspberry Refining Scrub polishes and energizes the skin.

Antioxidants raspberry and marionberry brighten skin and provide anti-inflammatory-like benefits to soothe skin irritations. Jojoba beads and blue corn meal gently exfoliate to remove surface build-up.

Polishes and refines the skin
Anti-inflammatory-like benefits
Brightens skin discolorations
Promotes a clear, healthy skin tone
All skin types including Acneic and aging skin
Safe for pregnant and lactating clients

Dermaplane, Ultrasonic Infusion, High-Frequency, Enzyme, Chemical Peel??
Help! How do I know what facial I need?


We help you take the guess-work out of choosing a facial by skin-type and endless “add-ons”. 

Simply select the amount of time you’d like for your facial, and we’ll create a customized treatment designed to focus on your skin’s current concerns.

We want your facial experience to be both relaxing and results driven.

PRO TIP: We suggest 60-minutes for first time clients.

Spread the love! If you have friends, family, or coworkers who would benefit from this blog post or my services, please share our website! I will always take good care of your referrals!

Cheers to great weather and SPF,

Laura Russell
Owner, Licensed Esthetician

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